First Tritium HPCS Installed In Germany

News 07/24/2018
  • First Tritium high-power chargers (350 kW) to go into service in the world
  • Small footprint charging stations can add 150km range to an EV in 5 minutes
  • Extends Tritium’s position as leading EV charger supplier in Europe

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2 July 2018: The first 12 high-power chargers (HPC) from Tritium, the leading international specialist in DC charging infrastructure solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) market, have been put into operation at the Tank & Rast rest stops at
Brohltal Ost and West either side of the A61 highway in Germany. These 12 charging stations form part of a planned pan-European network of around 400 HPC stations for IONITY that will ensure EV drivers can always find a charging station within the next 120 km.

As Europe’s leading supplier of DC fast EV chargers Tritium was selected as a supplier for this project early last year. The specially  designed charging stations are each capable of delivering 350 kW of power that can add 150km driving range in five minutes.

“Increasing battery size and energy density means electric vehicles can travel further distances. But charging these larger batteries fast requires high-power charging infrastructure,” says Dr. David Finn, CEO and Founder at Tritium. “Our HPC solutions deliver up to 475kW of power, making them capable of charging EVs in a very short time. And our goal is to bring charging times down even further, ideally to the same time as it would take to fill your tank with petrol.

“The chargers offer the Combined Charging System (CCS) used by a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. As with all the chargers in the Tritium range, these HPCs include Tritium’s unique and innovative liquid-cooled technology and our system has a significantly smaller
footprint than other HPCs on the market – between 50-75% smaller.”

IONITY CEO Michael Hajesch reveals “We entered into a strategic technology partnership with Tritium to introduce HPCs across Europe and have been impressed with their technology and service commitment. They not only deliver the required power for fast charging but are also highly efficient and compact devices.” IONITY COO Marcus Groll emphasizes the joint effort that has resulted in “these two stations being among the very first of our planned network ensuring that EV drivers no longer need to fear what used to be called “range

Tritium has been active in Europe since 2014. Its DC fast and high power chargers are installed in over 20 countries worldwide. Tritium is the leading supplier in Norway, Europe’s most advanced EV market. It recently reaffirmed its commitment to Europe with the opening
of new offices in Amsterdam earlier this year.

Photo: World’s first high-power chargers from Tritium go into operation for IONITY in Germany.

About Tritium
Brisbane-based Tritium is a technology company that specialises in the design and manufacture of DC fast chargers for electric vehicles (EV), power-electronic systems and battery energy-storage applications. Established in 2001, it has gained a reputation with the world’s largest organisations and top universities for providing solutions when quality, reliability and performance are critical for success. Its products are operational on every continent around the world and are to be found in submarines, UAVs flying at over 40,000ft and even working in the extremes of Antarctica. Tritium’s headquarters are in Brisbane in Australia, with offices in Europe and the United States.

IONITY is based in Munich and was founded in 2017; it is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group including Audi and Porsche. IONITY’s mission is to build an extensive and reliable High-Power Charging network (HPC) for electric vehicles in Europe to make comfortable longdistance travel a reality. IONITY has been able to secure attractive national and international locations through its strong cooperation partners. IONITY is an internationally registered trademark.