Junior PCB Design Engineer


Graduate PCB Design Engineer has overarching responsibility for the end-to-end delivery of all assigned PCB’s, from initial concept all the way through into production, taking into consideration board constraint design guidelines, track design guidelines, thermal issues, signal integrity and RF considerations and guidelines associated with planes or layers.

* Electrical/Mechatronics Engineering degree
* Altium Designer experience
* Problem-solving skills and good initiative

Key duties:
* Take requirements to create schematics and PCB layout.
* Design hardware with re-use in mind across multiple platforms and standardising components where feasible.
* Work closely with ATE Engineer on capturing Test Points, clearances, pitch and other attributes.
* Creating ATE test jigs and supporting factory test documentation.
* Collaborate and communicate with management, internal, and outsourced development partners regarding project progress, and task tracking.
* Support in the build, test and debug of prototype PCBA

To apply for this job email your details to hr@tritium.com.au