Press Release 07/08/2022
Tritium Appoints Adam Walker, an Accomplished Executive with Nearly 20 Years of Finance Leadership, Including at Publicly Traded Companies, to the Company’s Board of Directors and to the Position of Chairman of the Audit Committee
Press Release 06/30/2022
Over 100 New Tritium DC Fast Chargers to Be Added to the Motor Fuel Group Forecourt Network in the United Kingdom
Blog 06/22/2022
Lord Ian Botham Visits Tritium
Press Release 05/25/2022
Tritium Announces Partnership with TNS to Provide Integrated Payment Solutions to Global Charge Point Operator Customers
Press Release 05/03/2022
Over 250 New Tritium Fast Chargers to Be Added to the Osprey Charging Network in the United Kingdom
Press Release 04/21/2022
Tritium Appoints Key Executives for Chief Sales Officer, Chief People Officer and General Counsel
Press Release 04/18/2022
Tritium and BP Enter Into Multi-Year Contract
Press Release 03/08/2022
Tritium to Participate in Spring Investor Conferences and Events
Press Release 03/07/2022
Tritium Appoints Glen Casey as Chief Operating Officer