Electric vehicles (EVs) are often out of reach for people in America’s large cities. Most of those cities lack affordable, convenient public charging sites and charging operators are hesitant to install sites because there aren’t enough EVs. Revel is bringing both to major cities across the U.S. The company’s Superhubs feature convenient public fast chargers and house fleets of EVs for their rideshare service. Superhubs give city dwellers an affordable way to use EVs while allowing Revel to build out much-needed charging infrastructure across major cities. The company opened its first Superhub in the underserved community of Bedford–Stuyvesant in Brooklyn, New York in 2021. The facility features 25 Tritium DC fast chargers for their fleet of Tesla Model Y EVs.

About Revel

Revel’s mission is to accelerate EV adoption in cities by providing the infrastructure and services that make it easy to go electric. Revel currently operates in New York City and San Francisco and employs over 700 people.


Like any fleet, EV rideshare services need reliable, easy-to-use, and fast charging infrastructure to ensure high fleet availability and uptime. Every minute spent charging is a minute that could be spent serving rideshare customers. EV rideshare services also need chargers that can accommodate any brand and type of EV. Revel currently uses Tesla Model Y EVs for their rideshare service, but the company wanted the flexibility to use any brand of EV in the future. It also needed chargers that are compatible with any customer EV. And because they’re charging a fleet and providing a large-scale public fast charging, Revel understood the importance of reliable DC fast chargers.

Lastly, Revel needed compact chargers to make efficient use of the space available at their Superhub      site—the former Pfizer manufacturing facility. The 660,000-square-foot facility was renovated for reuse in 2014 and now supports a thriving commercial business district with shops and restaurants. 


When Revel started planning their first Superhub charging station and fleet depot, they reached out to Tritium for their charging needs. Revel chose a 75kW variant of Tritium’s modular and stand-alone fast charger, the award-winning RTM. The RTM has built-in power rectifiers, making installation faster and easier in tight spaces. It also uses modular power modules for improved reliability, serviceability, and upgradability.

“We needed proven, reliable fast chargers that could be installed in small spaces,” said Revel’s Head of Infrastructure Tobias Lescht. “Tritium’s modular technology allows for easy and fast maintenance. The chargers are compact, which is key for us because we operate in an urban environment. Tritium has been a good partner developing technology in lockstep with our business goals.”

Revel installed 25 RTM chargers at its Bedford-Stuyvesant Superhub. Tritium chargers can easily charge Revel’s Model Y EVs using an adapter and EVs that use CCS or CHAdeMO. The chargers are used to power Revel’s own fleet of rideshare vehicles and are available for other EV drivers who need to charge up. EV drivers only pay for power at the Revel Superhub, not parking, making the facility a popular destination for EV drivers across the city.


Since launching their Superhub in June of 2021, Revel has logged more than 68,000 charging hours and 1.8 million kWh supplied on Tritium chargers. As of January 2023, the Brooklyn Superhub has logged 500k rideshare trips.

“The Tritium RTM chargers are a good for our Brooklyn Superhub”, said Tobias Lescht, Revel’s Head of Infrastructure. We really have put them to the test with our high usage.”


Tritium Charger Used

Tritium’s stand-alone 75kW RTM fast charger is perfect for retail environments or anywhere a compact, all-in-one charger is required.