Trio of ISO Certifications Achieved

News 12/17/2019

Tritium completes trio of ISO certifications  

Brisbane, Australia, April 29, 2019 – Tritium, a world leader in electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging technology, has announced it has successfully achieved all three ISO certifications for quality, health and safety, and environmental standards.

The certifications which Tritium has achieved are ISO 9001:2015 for Quality; ISO14001:2015 for Environment; and ISO 45001:2018 for Health and Safety. Tritium has more than 3000 chargers deployed in more than 29 countries and can now export its technology with internationally-recognised certification of its products.

“These Accreditations are an endorsement of our processes throughout the entire business; from design through to production and the installation of our products with our customers,” said Paul Hewitt, Chief Operating Officer, Tritium. “We have always developed and delivered quality solutions, and these certifications confirm that our systems deliver the quality expectations of our existing and prospective customer base.”

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) an independent, non-governmental international organisation with a membership of 164   NATIONAL STANDARDS BODIES . ISO Certification is a seal of approval which verifies that an organisation meets one of the internationally-recognised ISO management systems.

At its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, and its facility in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Tritium is constantly testing its world-leading electric vehicle chargers. All electricity required by the testing is recycled using Tritium’s regenerative technology throughout the facility rather than going to waste, with the only additional electricity consumed is that lost through the heat required for generation; a relatively small amount.

“The ISO14001 standard is a validation of our company ethos as a driver of true energy freedom and enabling a zero-emissions driving future,” said Dion Schulz, Quality Manager, Tritium. “Further, our health and safety standards are paramount as our staff and customers are always our chief concern; we continue to add staff to our manufacturing and engineering teams weekly to meet increasing demand for our products. “While the ISO45001 standard for health and safety is a new certification, it is one we saw as a priority to achieve.”

About Tritium
Tritium is a technology company that designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced DC fast-charging equipment for electric vehicles (EV). Established in 2001 to provide power-electronic systems and battery energy-storage applications, Tritium became one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies with the launch of its first DC fast charger in 2014. Since then, Tritium has become a leading global DC fast charging (DCFC) supplier with installations in more than 29 countries. Tritium currently holds around 50 per cent of the world-leading market in Norway and around 15 per cent of the wider global market for 50kW fast chargers. Tritium customers include Charge.net.nz, EDF Lumins, Fortum, Grønn Kontakt, IONITY and Stromnetz. Tritium’s global headquarters and main manufacturing plant is in Brisbane, Australia. Additional sales and manufacturing facilities in Amsterdam and the Los Angeles region ensure attention to key markets in Europe and the Americas.
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